Plant Protein Seminar 18.-19.11.2019

This two-day seminar was dedicated to plant protein markets. It highlighted the opportunities for plant protein sector foreseen in the proposal for a new CAP as well as provide examples of on-going research & innovation projects on plant proteins. The speakers addressed the issues from policy perspective, producers` side and supply chain perspective.


Arnaud Petit, International Grains Council

Markets for protein and oilseed crops - global trends
767 kt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Silke Boger, DG Agri

CAP post 2020 and the opportunities for plant proteins
1.6 Mt, päivitetty 26.11.2019

National Protein Plans and their intergation in the CAP strategic plans

Anna-Leena Miettinen, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

CAP Strategic Plan preparation and protein crops - Finland
304 kt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Alexandre Martin, Ministry of Agriculture and Food

A strategy on plant proteins : insights from France
284 kt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Oliver von Lederbur, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

The German National Protein Plan and the CAP post 2020 – the German approach
1.3 Mt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Emilia Nordlund, VTT

Innovation for protein self-sufficiency in Finland
2.5 Mt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Asbjørn Børsting

The Danish Bioeconomy panel recommedations on protein

 Pertti Pärssinen, Boreal

Developing pulse varieties for Northern european conditions
883 kt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Henrik Søndergaard, Climate KIC

Sustainable Nordic Alternative Protein Industry
4.9 Mt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Gerard Klein Essink, Bridge2Food,  

Plant-Based Foods & Ingredients: Raising the bar from a global food industry perspective

Annika Boström-Kumlin, Verso Food

The new normal - Or: if it doesn't taste good, why taste again?
4.3 Mt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Marie-Laure Empinet, Starch Europe, Roquette

Protein a valuable ingredient from the starch industry
3.5 Mt, päivitetty 26.11.2019

Niina Valkonen, Valio 

4.7 Mt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Colman Purcell, FEFAC, Dairygold

FEFAC: Meeting Sustainability goals
2.4 Mt, päivitetty 22.11.2019

Hartmunt van Legenrich, Bayer Crop Science

Challenges and opportunities in primary production